The Gaglione Family

The Gagliones

A Missionary Family

Renato was born and raised in Benevento, Italy. He led a worldly life see king answers to a disorganized world, wondering what purpose there was in life except to possibly try to improve the world a little.

It was when the Italian team of Christ Is The Answer ministries came to town that Renato heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and things began to make sense in this world. Soon, Renato accepted the Good News and accepted God's free gift of salvation.

Immediately, Renato was reading the Bible, God's Word, and praying and his heart was changing for the better. Renato traded the uncertainty of the world for the certainty of God's promises and he was content and wanted to tell others.

Renato decided to join CITA's Italian team and become a missionary. While with the Italian team he met and married Wendy Gould. A few years after their marriage the Italian team leaders sent Renato & Wendy to the CITA headquarters in El Paso, TX in 1986. On March 7, 1987 they were a part of the small team launched into Mexico.

Two decades later, Wendy & Renato are still serving the Lord in Mexico with their children Jason, Jethro, Tsefora, & Tirsa. Currently, the team is located in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.