Christ Is The Redeemer

Who are we

The ministry.

Christ Is The Answer ministries originated out of JPUSA in the early 1970's. Originally, there was a single team travelling around the U.S. with a tent and holding gospel meetings. Most of the team members were young, newly saved, and out of the hippie-type culture.

Many folks were saved under the tent and some immediately join the team. So within a year or two there 2 CITA teams. It was decided for one team to go to Europe and preach the Gospel. That first team when to Italy and soon reached out to other countries.

The same thing happened in Europe as in the U.S. ... many were saved.

Eventually, some European team members were sent back to the U.S. to preach the Gospel in America and, later, to Mexico and South America. This was the start of CITA Mexico I team and CITA Mexico II.